Friday, August 24, 2012

The importance of having a profile in Google +

It´s becoming more common that companies create and configure a public profile in Google +, but what advantages can it provide when making such profile?

Google is creating its own social network Google+, attempting this way to compete directly with Facebook or Twitter and overtake them.It currently has around 250 million users and expect a significant growth through 2012.

Besides, this network counts with the possibility to create the known company sites, aimed to obtain a greater benefit of the same.
If we decide to create a company site in Google + our first step will be creating a user profile. Currently, any company page on Google + has a profile of these features.
What can you do with a profile in Google+?
The same as in all other social networks, the main objective within Google is the share.

Sharing experiences, thinkings, pictures, work... and to be able to share it is necessary to relate with the rest of the network.
Google + provides different tools to achieve this:

  • Circles, allows the users to categorize the rest of the users with whom they establish a contact relationship within the network. They are equivalent to Facebook friend groups or Twitters lists.
  • Hangouts, places to facilitate video-chats with members of our circles.
How to create a company profile in Google +?
First step to do, as mentioned before, is to create a users profile.
Once created the profile and and logged within the Google network you should direct to the following site
You have to follow the established steps and fill in all the requested information about the company.
Many are the companies who already have joined this network, such as car rental in Alicante companies, or service  of car parking at Madrid Airport or important hotels in Barcelona and other destinations, and most important Airline companies in Europe...

What advantages brings a company page in Google +?
In addition to all the advantages that a users profile provide in Google +, it main advantage is that it incorporates automatically into the company within Google´s search network.
They say that Google prioritizes in it search for the natural positioning the +1 for who has a company page in Google + and besides of indexing automatically all the publications that are made about the company profile in their network search.
Not only that, but also a profile of these features can be completely integrated with the rest of other tools that Google has for the company. A clear example like the integration of Google Maps and Google Local within the company profile, where all the information about a certain company that until now was only available in Google Maps is now also available in the profile of Google +.

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