Monday, September 24, 2012

Ryanair, a low cost airline company at the expense of...

Over the past weeks the Irish airline company Ryanair was always in the news as a result of various incidents suffered by their by their aircraft in Spain.

With growing concern, during the last couple of weeks Ryanair doesn´t stop being on the cover news as a result of the serious incidents that their aircrafts are suffering. . However, it continues being the most commonly used low cost airline company by passengers.

However, many wonder how it is possible that nowadays, where fuel prices keeps increasing, as well as the airport taxes, and more news relating to the decline in number of passengers at the airports, under these circumstances, how keeps Ryanair low cost prices?

New line of business.
As well as Ryanair and other airline companies are expanding their businesses in other sectors closely related to the sale of it airline tickets service.

Now, when you make a flight booking to Valencia for example, its reservation system offers you a car rental in Murcia or good deal hotel rooms as well, or if you fly from Alicante its system offers you parking at Alicante airport...

All these services, surely commissioned, keeps increasing their benefits.
Aircraft fuel savings.
The company gives strict orders so that their aircrafts travel always with the minimum allowable legal fuel.

Not only that, but also it is rumored that that the airline makes lists of "recommended" pilots according to the average fuel of fuel spend on its flights. This generates a great tension between the pilots of the company besides of provokes the desire for competition at the expense of possible security infractions between the pilots.
The fact is that these impositions, when loading fuel in the aircrafts, keeps causing continuous aircraft incidents of the airline company seeking a forced landing at any airport on their way to its destination.
There is a suspicion that these landings are requested due to a lack of fuel to reach their destinations or to hold the aircrafts in the airspace due to air traffic incidents.
Savings on staff.
In a letter that Sepla Union presented in 2009, were already warning about alleged irregularities regarding flight staff. Most pilots and cabin crew are self-employed persons and contribute in Ireland despite the fact that most of them have their residence here in Spain.

This way the company saves a lot of money in social security, income tax, low staff and possible indemnities.

Savings in marketing.
This airline company doesn´t need to spend many Euros to generate advertising campaigns.

The continuing occurrences of the company to achieve lower costs are continuing news items on the main European TV news stations.
Proposals such as make obese people pay for two tickets, or travel stand on flights of short duration in order to increase the number of passengers, charge you for going to the toilet, travel without a co-pilot...are continuing news items in all medias that undoubtedly is intended to advertise its brand name for free, with no charge.

Savings at the expense of charging the unchargeable.
As we all know when flying with Ryanair we have to be carefully with the weight of our luggage. Any stated weight excess can incur to an over expenditure of 40€. And of course, when you are about to check in we do not arise about if it is or not a scam and we just pay for it.

The same happens with the print out of the boarding pass. If you are traveling with Ryanair you have to print out your boarding pass at home because other wise you will have to pay an extra charge for it.

The company claims all these charges as a result of their need to reduce their own costs, aircraft space, remove the out printing of boarding passes and reducing wait time to check-in and this way in necessary staff, etc...

Do you think it´s worth to travel low cost without really knowing at the expense of what for?

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