Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some basic tips before catching a plane from Barajas

Are you one of those persons who gets nervous when having to catch a plane? here are some tips that will make it easier for you.

Many people don´t like travelling by plane. Some of them because they feel panic to fly, others just because of the fact of breaking their daily monotony. Either way, here are some tips that will relax you when having to catch a plane at Barajas airport.

Basic tips before catching a plane
Think about the time you will need to get to the airport, most airports are on the outskirts of the cities, Barajas for example is just 14km away from Madrid city. Airline companies always recommends to be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. It´s advisable to add to this also the time you need to arrive to the airport.
Deciding how to go to the airport is one the thing that makes us really nervous. Loaded with luggage and having to take the metro, train or bus for example is not very advisable for our nerves. The best option is hiring a airport car parking at Madrid airport and leave our vehicle parked at the airport. Same way, when we come back from our trip we will have our vehicle at the airport parking waiting for us and ready to drive directly to our house.

Once you arrive at the airport inform yourself when you have to embark, by going directly to the correspondent airlines check-in desk where they will inform you at what time your flight embarks and which gate you will need to go too.

Go to the pre-boarding area at the predicted time. Remember that you will have to pass through the metal detector. Don´t get nervous when it starts beeping, mainly it is just due to the belt buckle or because of some trim on your shoes.

Relax yourself in the "Free Shop" area, enjoy the stores while waiting to embark, but do not forget the number of your boarding gate that must take because Barajas Airport is a hub airport and it might happen that your favourite store and your boarding gate are quiet away from each other.

Go to the boarding gate when it is the time, also, speakers and TV screens will always let you know when to embark. Don´t worry, normally there cannot go anything wrong by taking a boarding gate because there are always some airline staff that will check that our boarding pass corresponds to the wright boarding gate.

Relax and enjoy your flight, it might be that they bring you to the plane by bus, but only if it is too far away. When you enter into the plane go to the seat that suits you and stop worrying, it is done now. Just enjoy from your trip through the sky.

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