Monday, May 21, 2012

Public transport or parking at the airport

Your are going to catch a plane and you don´t know what kind of transport to use to get to the airport? what is better? use public transport or use your own car and parking it at the airport?
Many times when we travel we have to catch a plane and get to the airport. For many of us it is just for pleasure, for others because we have to go out on a short business trip or because we have to go for a long period to work abroad.

If it is not to far away and the plane ticket compensates, or we are in a short time and have to assist to a very important business meeting, we will surely take a plane. Similarly if we are taking a plane for a longer distance, we will have to get to the airport and possibly we will be loaded with a lot of luggage.

What alternatives are there to get to the airport?We might doubt of how to get there. We will have three alternatives.

The first and the most practical one is to ask a friend to bring and take us to the aiport. This alternative s not always the most indicated, because beside that we pay the fuel twice, we will also have a commitment with him/her or in some cases pay him/her as well. Not only that, but depending of our departure/arrival time we might have to ask someone for a big favour.

The second alternative is to take a taxi or public transport, one for when we depart and one for when we arrive.

The third one would be driving with our own vehicle to the airport and parking it there until our return, pick it up and go back home.

It seems like that the second option is the best one, but is it really?If we live in Benidorm for example and our flight departs from Valencia, taking a taxi from and too Valencia would cost us about 324€. Taking into consideration that we are maximum with 3 people.

On the other hand if we decide to take pulic transport, we will have to leave home much earlier. We have to take into consideration that there are not always direct buses from and to the airport. This means that beside of taking the bus we will also have to take a taxi, al local town bus or the subway to get to the airport. I we assume that we are with three people the price can rise up to 140€ if we go off from Benidorm to Valencia.

Than the most advisable thing to do is go with our own car?
Yes, there are several advantages by using our own vehicle. The first one is that you do not depend of any public transport time schedule and that you can leave home whenever you decide.
You load up your luggage, drive carefully to the airport having a rest whenever you want. Contract a service of parking at Valencia airport is the best solution.

This looks fine for me, but, where can I park my car once I get there?
A low cost parking company is the prefect solution. Once you arrive to the parking facilities, the staff of the company will tell you where you can park your car. Your car will be guarded 24 hours a day with video cameras and by cualified personnel. Beside this, they also will take us to the airport and will be waiting for us on our return.

At the same time, because it is a low cost parking it is much cheaper than parking your vehicle in the same airport parking area. For example, hiring a service of car parking in Alicante Airport may cost you aproximatly 25 euros a week. By the other hand, hiring for the same period a service of parking in valencia Airport may cost you 28€ aproximatly.

If we add on top of this rate the fuel expenses we will notice that we are saving quiet a lot of money, beside og gaining time and travelling more comfortable.

And you? what kind of transport do you prefer when you go on travel and have to go to the airport to catch your plane?

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Parking Alicante Airport

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