Monday, April 30, 2012

From 2015 all sold cars in Europe will have the e-call.

The new regulation of the EU establishes that from the year 2015 all cars that are sold in Europe will have tp have incorporated the e-call system. The objective mainly is to increase traffic safty and reduce the time it takes for the emergency services in come to rescue where there has been an accident.

But, what is e-call?
The e-call system is a system that works through a telephone card which will be incorporated in our vehicle. In case of accident, when the vehicles airbags go off, automatically there will be send a signal to the emergency services. This will in connection with the police, fire brigade and ambulance.

What advatages does it has?
These calls will function through GPS system, which in case it activates, the receptor centre will know at all times our position. We will not have to make any call and have to try to explain to the operator where exacly we are.

Let us imagine that we are a tourist who has contract a service of car hire in Murcia and has an accident. Due that we are not in are own country we do not know how to contact with the emergency services neither know how to explain where exacly we are. The e-call system will do it all for you.

One of it main advantages that it has is that in the event of a serious accident, where the occupants can not call or move, the system would do it for us.

When will cars have this installed?
There are currently several manufactures that already have them installed in some of its car models. Given that from the year 2015 it will be mandatory for all sold cars in Europe, we will see more oftenly cars having this installed before 2015. Many manufactures will use it to make sure it works properly or as a business strategy.

And you? Are you agree with the implantation of this sytem in your vehicle?

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