Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The opening of our new Madrid airport parking service

Victoria Parking announces its new parking service for long and short stayments in the neighbourhood of Madrid airport - Barajas.

Being the biggest Spanish airport involves a very high number of air traffic. Every day thousands of passengers of any part of the world pass along the streets of these facilities in order to go and catch their plane.

For different reasons, many travelleres have to go with their own vehicle. This might be because of a lack of public transport in their own town any many others just because its more comfortable. This way you can leave home whenever you wish, and you do not have to worry about catching on time the train or bus that brings you to the airport, which also can be a inconvenient when you are loaded with lots of luggage. A parking service in Madrid airport at competitive rates is an essential service.

"These past few months we have noticed a considerable increase in people looking for parking space for long periods as well as for one or two weeks for Madrid airport. In almost all cases the customers contact us due that we offer very competitive rates for all our destinations and because of our good service" says Victoria Parking communication manager.

"Due to the high number of requests we decided to inaugurate our new service of  parking Madrid airport. Soon we can offer the same conditions to our customers that we are already offering in our other destinations."

Victoria Parking is a company dedicated to offer car parking service for long and short stayments at the airport of Barcelona, Valencia, parking Alicante Airport and now also in Madrid. The main objective of the company is to offer to its customers a car parking place in the vicinity of the airport at a very low rate.

Once the vehicle is parked the company is responsible to bring from and to the airport of its customers. Beside this it also offers various extras such as car wash, complete car wash cleaning, car covers and so on...

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