Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Useful driving applications on your mobile telephone.

Thanks to smartphones, nowadays, can be much easier and less stressful.
For a few years now, smartphones market hasn´t stopped growing. Nowadays it is one of the most practical tools that we can have, even it´s only for pleasure or for work as well.
At the same time, developers are continues innovating and have brought ot the market many applications (apps), most of them with a very small cost and many other for free. Of course they haven´t left aside a very important group, drivers. They have created some very interesting applications that can help us, from having a more efficient driving up to find the best prices for different services.
Most interesting appliciations for a driver.

Petrol stations Spain (
For drivers, specially for those who do not know the road where they are going to drive to, to find a petrol station can be become sometimes something very challenging and hard to find. The application Petrol Station Spain gives you the solution. It helps you to find a petrol station and it also tells us the fuel price at all times. With this application, not only we won´t be left without fuel but also we will get the best price for it.
Find my car lite (
We cannot leave this application out of our smartphone, when for example we are from Madrid and wish to spend some days in Murcia and we decide to hire a rental car  Murcia service or for example if we have to go on a business trip. We just have to take a picture and the applications GPS will geolocalize it. As result, the application returns a display where by following the arrows it will automatically lead us to our car.
RACE Road Safety (
This application is one of the most complete ones. It offers information about fixed speed cams, speed limit across Europe, petrol stations, phone numbers of interes, parkings...
This application in addition relies on an option that, by means of videoes and instructions, in allows to mount the chains in our vehicle in case its necessary and also to denounce bad road conditions or its bad signposting.
This application can be very helpfuñ in case we need to change our tyres. We only need to introduce the measures, select the desired model between its offers and make an privious appointment with one of the concertated garages. We can do this all through the own application without having to call anyone, send e-mails or whatever.

iVia DGT (
Traffic-jams are part of our day to day are oftently the consequence of getting late to an apointment, meeting or even lose our plane. This application will help us to pick the best route because it shows us the traffic incidents throughout Spain collected by the DGT. We just have to accept the warning that the app whishes to use our current location and we will get the current traffic information 24 hours a day.

Every day new applications are coming out on the market, more practicals and innovatives than its predecessors.

And you? what applications are you using in your day to day that makes driving easier to you?

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