Wednesday, January 18, 2012

As every year the January sales have begun.

As every year, the past 2nd of January began the January Sales, starting this year with very aggressive discounts due to the crisis.
On January the 2nd they´ve started with the famous winter sales. As usual the autonomous region of Madrid and Murcia were the first who began with there winter sales, followed by one week later the rest of the autonomous regions.

What is the sales origin?
The sales history goes back to early 1930 when a very important department store businessman from New York decided to offer big discounts to reduce all the stock that he had from all of its fashion shops. This sector doesn´t allow to have much stock in their stores due to the constant change of their collections, which made this method to spread out quickly throughout the rest of the world. Nowadays it has become almost a compulsory practice taking place twice a year, one in the winter and one in the summer.

The main aim is to sell all there stock collection from the past season at lower prices, this way the want to give rise to the entry of their new collection.

In Spain, the January Sales were initiated as a result of a "rival war" for getting new customers between El Corte Inglés and its than competitor Galerias Preciados, stores that were scattered throughout all spanish cities. Obviously, the fact that these two major stores also made profit of this new tendence forced the little and medium merchants to join this trend as a necessitty.

Nowadays sales have extended over to almost all kind of sectors, you can find sales in fashion stores, real estate, business service and even in supermarkets.

How long last the January Sales?
In most autonomous regions, the winter sales start on the 7th of January and ends on the 7th of March, except in Murcia and Madrid where they began on the 2nd of January and will finish on the 1st of March and on the 31st of March respectively.

What do they offer during major sales?
The range of sales is very broad and can vary from each store. As general rule, all stores offer between 20% and 80% discount on top of the initial price. In addition, as a reult of the crisis, having important discounts is just not enough, that´s why in some cases promotions are launched even more aggressively. For example, the Desigual shop in Madrid made lately a special promotion that all female customers who entered to the store with its underwear could take there selected clothes with them for free.

If I´m going to Madrid, where about can I go to sales?
If you decide to go to the sales in Madrid, there are several places where you can go to. Among the most prominent ones we can find them at the Gran Via and Preciados street, as well as at the Arenal street. Here about we can find almost everything.

By the other hand, if our tastes are a little bit more refined and our pockets are better filled, we can find the best and most exclusive shops in Serrano street, Velazquez and surroundings.

We cannot leave aside the big shopping centres. Among the most famous ones you have Factory with shopping centres in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Getafe and in Las Rozas.

Where to go on sales in Barcelona?
On the other hand, if our destination is Barcelona, we also can find there a variety of stores with all kind of offers and discounts at this time of the year.

Among the most popular areas for going on shopping is at the centre of the city.

In addition we can also go to the Gothic area, to the Portal del Angel area, Aviñon street, Daigonal avenue, Paseo de la Gracia... If you are visiting the city, the most advisable thing to do is hiring a car rental in Barcelona, this way you can drive easily to all these areas.

Besides of all the shops that we can find among the streets, like any other big city, we can find many shopping centres. Among the best knowns are those of Illa Diagonal, Lamaquinista and Glorias´s.

Which are your favourite places to go shopping? or, which ones you don´t recommend us to go too?

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