Friday, December 2, 2011

Where to park your car when you travel from Alicante airport?

When we go on holidays by air plane we always have the inconvenience that we don´t know where to leave our car during the period that we are out, because we normally use the car only to get to the airport and to go back home.

Always when we have to travel we have the same inconvenience. We arrive at the airport by car and we don´t know where to leave it.

In many of the Spanish airports, near their terminals, we can find industrial areas or a nearby town where we can park and leave our car. In these cases we can easely find a parking place in the street and leave it there until we return from our holiday. But near the Alicante airpoort we do not have this option, there is no nearby town or industrial area, so our options are greatly reduced.

The most common option is parking your vehicle on the airport´s public parking. The main advantage of this is that you can park your car for sure and you can go directly to the gate.

But, what inconveniences does it has?
Among its major drawbacks the fact is that this parking area is not completely closed and private and of course the price, which is quite high.

What problem does this parking has for not being a private area?
At Alicante airport parking, thousands of people are walking dayly through it, and likewise, hundreds of cars are parking at its facilities.

Most of these stayings are for less than one hour. Small damages to your car should be also taken into considerations because of the high number of cars that parks in the area. Beside, if the driver who ran into our car doesn´t leave any message or note, it will be very dificult to find out who did it, since the parking area is not monitored.

What about the airport parking price, is it a reasonable price
Another aspect to consider is the high price that they charge you. Parking at Alicante airport costs 18,30€/day and if we leave our car for longer than 5 days the dayly price reduces to 14,65€. Quit expensive.

Another option is to hire a parking place with any of the many companies specialized in offering this service.

These companies are in the vicinity of the airport. They tend to have very spacious plots devoted exclusively for short and long parking stayments

I am a user of a short or long period stayment?
Short stayments users are normally customers who must travel by plane from Alicante airport and only dispose about their own vehicle to get to the airport. That´s why they have to leave parked their car for a few days until they come back from their trip and be able to collect it at the airport when they return.

Long stayments users are normally customers who spend long periods of time in their country of origin as well as here in Spain, that´s why they prefer having their vehicle parked safely near the airport. It is also the perfect place to leave for example your caravan, trucks or buses which are not going to be used for a long period of time, without involving to a great expense for the owner.

Is it cheaper than parking at the airport?
Of course it is. For example parking your car near Alicante airport for one week can cost you meaby 25€ or a long period stayment for one year may cost you about 320€.

What services should a parking company include at the airport?
  • Because of being located at some distance from the airport, we must pay attention when making the booking and make sure that the transport from and too the airport is included in the price. There are many companies who don´t inlcude this service in there rental parking price and offer it as an additional price.
  • By leaving our flight number we will ensure that there will be a courtesy car from the company waiting for us to take us from and too the airport. This way our effor will be minimal and the displacement to the Terminal on foot will even be less than if we park our vehicle directly at the airport parking.
  • Normally, the company does not move the customer´s vehicle, the customer is the one who parks the vehicle and take the keys with him. They do offer the service so that you can leave your keys there until you come back, in case there is a mishap and your car needs to be moved.
  • The area is guarded 24 hours a day. It is not a busy parking area where hundreds of people or vehicles passes through every day.
  • All vehicles entering the premises have a register, as well as they are guided up to his concerted parking place.
  • Some companies do also offer free car cleaning service or for a very low cost, as well as car covers or closed enclosures to protect even more your vehicle at an additional price.

Can you think of any better idea where to leave your car when you go on holidays by plane?

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