Friday, October 2, 2009

22nd Oktoberfest in Calpe has begun

From 1st till 12th of October Calpe is celebrating its 22nd Oktoberfest organized by the Carnival Club Calpe. The also called "Fiesta Alemana de la Cerveza" in Calpe is the most famous festival of that kind, celebrated in Spain.

VictoriaCars - Car Hire Alicante Airport is pleased to announce once again the traditional celebration of the Oktoberfest in the Province of Alicante, more precisely in Calpe. This year, the tent will space over 15,000 square meters and will be located centrally and easy to access behind Calpe's Tennis Club with the possibility to park for free.

VictoriaCars itself has its head office in Calpe and recommends to all clients and holidaymakers not to miss this great multi-cultural event on the Costa Blanca. The Oktoberfest in Calpe will take place from the 1st to the 12th of October and will be open every day from 18:00pm without admission fees. All clients and Calpe visitors are invited to taste the German delicacies like the tasty sausages Nuremberg, Frankfurt or Krakauer, the typical salads, the knuckles of pork and, of course, the original "Paulaner" beer from Munich.

But besides being only a gourmet evening, the Oktoberfest visitors will also enjoy folklore with performances of the "Original Steinsberger Musikanten" which will give a concert every day and put the guests into good humour.

This festival has its origin in Munich with the celebration the engagement of Prince Ludwig, later known as Ludwig I, with the Princess Theresa of Saxony-Hildburghausen. On 12 of October 1810, all citizens of Munich were invited to the wedding which took place on a meadow in the city. Since then, the conclusion was repeated year after year on the Theresienwiese when circumstances have allowed it. Munich's Oktoberfest is visited every year by year by more than 6 millions of visitors and is considered as one of the biggest folk festivals on the world.

Calpe's Oktoberfest tradition started in 1988, this is why the German beer festival has been established as unmissable event of this kind on the Spanish territory. And while it is obvious that the magnitude of Calpe's Oktoberfest is quite far from the one in Munich, the Oktoberfest in Calpe is at least accompanied with all Bavarian elements to spend a few really special days.

XXII Oktoberfest Calpe Program

Thursday 1 October
Opening. The tap of the Paulaner barrel. The Coronation of the Queen of Oktoberfest 2009. Music with Andy and the Steinsberger. Jamboree with Franzi of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Friday 2 October
Beer Mug Lifting Competition. Showtime with the Steinsberger and Franzi. Oktoberfest-Party with Steffi.

Saturday 3 October
Oktoberfest-Party with the Steinsberger and Franzi. Oldie Night music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Sunday 4 October
Music with Andy and the Steinsberger. Oldie Night with music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Beer Mug Lifting Competition.

Monday 5 October
Happy Hour and Showtime with the Steinsberger and Andy.

Tuesday 6 October
Happy Hour and Showtime with the Steinsberger and Andy.

Wednesday 7 October
Happy Hour and Showtime with the Steinsberger and Andy. Beer Mug Lifting Competition.

Thursday 8 October
Happy Hour and Showtime with the Steinsberger and Andy.
Tombola and Showtime "Oldies but Goodies".

Friday 9 October
Happy Hour and Showtime with the Steinsberger. Final Beer Mug Lifting Competition. Oktoberfest-Party with Steffi.

Saturday 10 October
Music with the Original Steinsberger. Oldie Night with music from the 70s, 80s and 90s and tombola.

Sunday 11 October
Biker Day

Monday 12 October
Tourist Day

Victoria Rent a Car from Calpe participates every year in this event and offers car hire services in Murcia Airport as well as car hire Alicante airport for those who are looking for visiting Calpe's XXII. Oktoberfest as comfortable as possible.
Last but not least, please remember: VictoriaCars gives the advice to not drink and drive! So everyone can enjoy the Oktoberfest 2009 to the fullest.

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