Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Car Hire Murcia - shortage on rental cars continues.

Now it has became common knowledge. The car rental companies in Spain run out of cars due to the high demand in the current peak season.

After having experienced a similar situation during last Easter, VictoriaCars already foresaw the difficulties for the summer rentals. Given the situation, VictoriaCars - Car hire Murcia informed its customers of the possible shortage during the summer peak season and encouraged to make reservations in advance.

However, many customers have been waited until the last minute and finally could not get a car. Because inevitably, VictoriaCars had been run out of available vehicles, like many other Spanish car rental companies, too.

The question now is, are we dealing here with one particular case or should European holidaymakers be prepared for further shortages during peak periods.

According to some forecasts, the current scarcity will last until into the fall. Not only that, it is anticipated that this situation will extend to all existing holiday periods during the year (Christmas, Easter, bridging days, long weekends and so on) and even to the summer 2010 campaign.

Moreover, the scarcity is not the only problem: the current situation has caused a substantial increase of car rental prices by the companies in this sector. A car hire Murcia presently can cost up to 30% more than for the same period last year. It is a question of the "law of supply and demand."

Obviously, the cause of this situation can be seen in the economic recession Spain is experiencing. On the one hand, companies in general are suffering from the lack of financing, that also prevents that companies within the car rental sector in particular can expand their fleets. Moreover, even when financing is provided, the difficult times companies in the automotive sector are going through make them highly unlikely to sale their new cars to car rental companies. The common custom that a car hire enterprises could acquire a vehicle for a agreed period of time, and after wards could be sure that the rental car would be repurchased by the dealer is almost abolished. The car dealers are not willing to collaborate to these conditions as these repurchases saturate the second-hand car market and make it more difficult to sale new cars.

To put it in a nutshell, VictoriaCars - Car Hire Murcia, points the difficulty of its branch out to its customers and expects them to take measures and precautions, so they can enjoy the next Spain holidays with a car hire Murcia Airport , Alicante or Madrid.

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