Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Fallas of Valencia are up to begin!

From the 9th to the 19th of March is when they delebrate the famous Fallas of Valencia. The Levantine capital will be invaded by thousands of visitors searching for the smell of gunpowder, the impressive monuments, the music and the  festivities around the streets during these days.

Once again, Valencia´s streets are filled with happyness, entertainment, concerts and people looking for fun.

We´re talking about the Fallas of Valencia.

Huge cardboard monuments are erected in the middle of the streets anywhere around the city and its towns. Each year with more daring designs, always trying to satirize all kinds of topics related to politics, famous artists...

The Fallas, also known as the "Fiestas Josefinas" are held in honor of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of the carpenters. These festivities were born as a result of burning old stuff as a way of celebrating the end of the winter season and entrance of the spring season. In Valencia, the fallera capital, they last for about 1 month and they are a genuine show of color, smell of gunpowder and noise by the millions of firecrackers which are explode at all hours.

This year, despite of a budget reduction, the celebrations haven´t lowered down their level and do keep attrackting tourist from all over the world. There will be held variuos activities and music bands to entertain all visitors along the city.

This year their will be performances of many soloists and groups such as Colti, Celtas Cortos, Ariel Rot, etc. Apart from them, many other lesser-known groups will be performing as well with their own songs and with wordlwides greatest hits to encourage the atmosphere.

Of course during these days we also will be enojying of the typical Fallera music. The more than 300 bands will start touring around the streets every morning at 8 o´clock waking up everyone, forming a true spectacle all over the city.

All the Fallas are part of a competition. On the 18th of March is when a specially elected jury will decide which Falla is the best of all. Not only the Fallas will get rewarded, there will also be a reward for the best Ninot of the normal Fallas and for the infants one, which saves itself to be burned on the 19th.

During the las three days of this festivity, are taking place the Flowers offering to the Virgin. Thousands of Faller@s from all the districts give honor to The Virgin with a bouquet of flowers, and bunch to bunch they make an intense colourful mantle at the monument.

The last day of the Fallas is when they celebrate the well known Nit del Foc. Its when they celebrate the greatest pyrotechnical spectacle of Valencia. This year they expect over than 600.000 visitors to join this event. Just when finishing is when they burn all the statues, a whole year work. Many of its visitors cannot hold back their tears.

This is the moment when they start again working for the Fallas of the next year.

All the information about the Fallas for its visitors can be found at http://www.fallasfromvalencia.com/

Which is the best way to go to the Fallas?
To come and visit Valencia during these days, if you travell by plane to the capital of the Comunidad Valenciana, the best thing to do is hiring a service of car hire in Valencia to be able to move around comfortably to all the strategic points of the city during these days.

If you prefer to spend a journey through the different towns where they celebrate this festivity, its advisable to travel by plane up to Alicante Airport and hire a service of car hire in Alicante. Many villages between Alicante and Valencia are also celebrating these festivities, particularly Denia, Oliva, Gandia, Sueca...

Where about are you going to celebrate this festivity?

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