Thursday, February 16, 2012

In a few days... Pego's famous carnival starts again.

For one more year, Pego's well known carnival will start again on the 18th of February.

Why are Pego's carnivals so famous?
In less than a week, the streets of the main cities will become flooded again of all kinds of coloured costumes, parades, and party. During these days everyone around the world will forget about its problems and will enjoy of a happy day. We are talking about the festiviy of the Carnivals 2012.
Stores are ready for this event. For quite a while, many store windows are showing their best and most original costumes.

The village of Pego is one of the most best-known organizers of this event. People from all over the world and from all kind of ages are comming to its event to enjoy from their special nights.

A week where the town leaves the day-to-day routine by side, magic nights, where inhabitants and visitors mingle among, disguise themselves up in the most unimaginable thing.

For many years the population has even arrived to quintuplicate, getting to have in one night more from 30,000 people walking up and down the streets.

It all starts a few weeks before the Carnival takes place. Now is when concerts are getting organized and where the tents will get set up.

Local officers are getting ready to guide the thousands of cars that will come over and lead them to the different parking lots that are specially prepared at the village entrance.

Many groups of young people are planing what to wear during the night. It is very usual to see all kinds of groups on the streets, dressed for example like princesses, queens, in pajamas… The more shameless persons between the boys will dress as ballerinas, wearing heels and makeup or even wearing animal costumes such like cows, bulls or any other kind that they can think about.

A great variety of music bands will offer concerts during these days, some of them with their own music and other ones singing songs from the most popular artists... the good thing is that the organizers has managed every year to cover up practically all types of music. This way, anybody that thinks about going to this festival can enjoy this way of their favourite music songs.

What is the schedule during the main day of the Carnival?
It will start at 11 o´clock in the morning with an infantile parade, that will depart from the Market square up to the Fount square, with all kind of infantile games and music.

At 5 o´clock in the afternoon is when the party begins for the adults ones, with a night parade and with a batucada that will be animating the festivity all afternoon.

From 10 o´clock in the evening until 1 o´clock, people will be able to enjoy from a dance band at the Fount square and at 1,30 the Carnival parade will start, starting from the Passeig Cervantes and will go up to the Market square, were thousands of disguised people will participate in order to win the reward for the best fancy dress.

The Carnival will finish at around 6 o´clock in the morning at the Market square, where there will be 2 music bands animating the atmosphere.

An very well organized event where everybody can have a good time and an unforgettable day, with lots of music, party and fun.

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What about you? do you already know what fancy dress you are going to wear?

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