Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The return of the beer festival in Calpe

This year in 2011, as with every year, we will once again celebrate the well-known Oktoberfest; a 12 day holiday renowned for its traditional German beer and tasty food.

As mandated by tradition, on October 6 at 20:00 pm the Mayor of Calpe, Cesar Sanchez, will open the first barrel of beer. This will give way to another year of the well-known Oktoberfest in Calpe.

This German holiday has its roots in the German town of Munich and was held for the first time on October 12, 1810. Today it is the town which holds the largest Oktoberfest in the world.
In Calpe it was first held in October 1982 and has since been organized every year by the Calpe Carnaval Club. It is the largest and oldest beer festival in Spain.

Over the years it has gained recognition and people from all over Europe come to celebrate. In any Internet forum you can find people like Fernando de Altea, who says he tries to go to this festival every year:  “I remember the many times in the past that I travelled to Munich to visit this event and can certify that the environment is no different there that to what it is here" (http://www.calpecostablanca.com/calpe/programa-completo-oktoberfest-2010-calpe-fiesta-cerveza/3568).

Last year in 2010 the festival was again a success. About 300 barrels of beer imported from Germany. Visitors tasted the famous knuckles and German sausages, while dancing to the rhythm of traditional German music. For this purpose, they hired more than 25 waiters and about 15 people in the kitchens so that visitors could have the best time possible. It is estimated that more than 10 000 people went through the marquee behind the tennis club in the Partida Gargasindi.
This year it will be held in the same place and it is estimated that even more visitors will attend. It will begin on October 6, as usual at 20:00 and end on the 16th at 20:00 hours.
As every year, the last day is reserved for the groups of bikers and will most likely include a rock concert. The festival will end with a paella contest at about 8 o'clock pm.
After reaching a consensus with the Calpe hoteliers, in 2012 the dates will be changed and the Oktoberfest celebration will be held between October 25 and November 4. They have taken this decision to help the tourism sector, because the date coincides with the long weekend in October. This will help lengthen the season a little more.

Octoberfest 2011 Program:
Thursday 06.10.2011
Inauguration, opening of the barrel by the mayor, dethroning the 2010 Queen of the Festival and the coronation of the 2011 Queen of the Festival

Friday 07.10.2011
Music hits from the past 20 years, Oktoberfest Party with Stefi.
Contest: lifting jugs of beer.

Saturday, 08.10.2011
Celebration with Steinsberg, oldie music night from the 70s/80s/90s, Night Fever Party with "Steinsberg Partyexpress"

Sunday, 09.10.2011
At 11:00 am snack with jazz music from the band "New Orleans Hot Dogs".
Night: Oktoberfest Party with Andy Heu Heu-Zick Zack-HAPPY DAY-

Monday, 10.10.2011
Concert with requested music with Steinsberg, songs with Doris and Bernd-HAPPY DAY-

Tuesday, 11.10.2011
Oktoberfest music hits from the past 20 years and Doris + Steinsbergern Cherilyn.
Oktoberfest Party.

Wednesday, 12.10.2011
At 11:00 am snack with live country music.
Night: Music with Steinsberg and log sawing contest. -HAPPY DAY-

Thursday, 13.10.2011
Non-stop party with Steinsberg, Oldies but Goldies Doris + Cherilyn and Steinsberg-HAPPY DAY-

Friday, 14.10.2011
Music with Steinsberg, Heu Heu Zick Zack, Oktoberfest party. Log sawing contest.

Saturday, 15.10.2011
Oktoberfest Party with The Steinsberg, music hits from 70s/80s/90s.

Sunday, 16.10.2011
At 11:00 am Paellas Competition, Oktoberfest music until the end of the party, about 20:00. -HAPPY DAY-

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