Monday, September 5, 2011

How about a vacation after August?

The holidays need not only be in the summer months. We can also enjoy them just as well in September and October accompanied by the sensational weather.

Almost everyone is willing to travel during the summer months. They have always been most popular month for vacations. However, some have to work during the summer covering for those who leave; others prefer to travel when it’s a little cooler; or some simply want to enjoy holiday to the fullest whilst spending as little as possible.

In September and October, when warm temperatures and sun still bathe the cities and towns on the Spanish coast; at this time comes another kind of tourist, completely different from the holiday makers, but with the same desire to enjoy their vacation.

Why do many people prefer to travel during the mid season?

One of the main reasons is the tranquillity offered by the destination. With fewer people taking holidays at this time of year, the streets are not as crowded; the shops are quieter and you can almost always find a sot at your favourite restaurant.

When going out to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just to drink a coffee, them having a lower occupancy will often result in a more personal and familiar service.

The weather is nice this time of year. At this time you can spend many hours on the beach, swim and take long walks and enjoy the scenery accompanied by a very warm climate. Of course, having a couple of sweaters never hurts, just for the cool nights ...

During the mid season, there are many deals to be found in almost all touristic businesses. Beginning with the price of airline tickets to any destination, such as Mallorca, Barcelona, Malaga; the price of accommodation in any part of Spain and also the price of car hire in Barcelona, Mallorca ... everything is much cheaper than in high season.

For those who do not like being too overwhelmed, September and October is the ideal month for a holiday. Relax, be calm and at the same time enjoy all the facilities of a tourist site in full operation.

September and October are perfect months for those who dislike the intense heat of August or their body just simply doesn’t permit it. This is the case for major portion of people of a certain age in northern Europe.

Where can we go on vacation during mid-season in Spain?

In general, virtually any place that is available during the high season is also available in September and October. However; during October in particular, the rainy season starts, especially in northern Spain. Best thing to do if we want to avoid a wet holiday is go south and/or east of the peninsula.

All the Mediterranean areas during these months still maintain all the advantages of a tourist area whilst avoiding the disadvantages of the crowds they bring in the high season.

Finding the cheapest airfare to Mallorca, to reserve the best hotel room in Marbella, hire a service of car hire in Alicante airport, enjoy a meal beside the sea with the best quality products ...

If you have to go on vacation these days you just need to point your finger at a map and choose your favourite place to spend unforgettable days.

And you? Where will you go on vacation the next few months?

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