Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Terra Mitica reopens its doors for the summer season.

The Terra Mitica theme Park, located in Benidorm which is one of the most famous tourist attractions, has opened its doors for the new 2011 season.
Terra Mitica is located inn the heart of the Costa Blanca, surrounded by mountains, green zones and wide roads, and just a step away from the centre of Benidorm and its beaches.

Terra Mitica is a theme Park that has tried to reproduce since ancient time the mediterranean civilizations through its facilities, like Iberia, Rome, The Islands, Greece and Egypt.
It has many attractions, small ones for children aswell as bigger ones for those braver peapole who left their fears at home.

Wellcome to Terra Mitica
Just after crossing through the ticket office, we are welcomed by several pharaonique statues of the ancient Egypt, accompanied by boats that goes around the park thanks to lake that borders it.
Entering into the egypcian area, we sea a reproduction of the Alejandria port and the Infinnito, a 100 meters height tower with rotating viewpoint.
In the are of Greece we can find attractions such as the Minotauro laberinth, where the visitors combat against mythical monsters with virtual guns. Titanide, a switchback made of steel; the Synkope, a swinging disc at 35m of hight and that reaches a speed of 90km/h.
In the area of Rome, we will find the Magnus Colossus, the longest wooden roller coaster in Europe with a 35 m fall over 1 Km long. The Vuelo del Fenix, which is a 35 metres height free fall that will leave you breathless for about 3 seconds; The Inferno, one of the most spectacular and unique attractions over the world, going up, forward, upsidedown...
In the Iberian area, the most harmless attraction where we can enjoy from theming of the cars that resemble goats and wild bores, finally, we end up in the Islands area where are the Rapidos de Argos and the Colera de Akiles which is a flying ship that sping and swing up to 120º and at a 15 meters of height.
Besides all the attractions you can also enjoy from the many shows that Park offers during the day and night, because the Park offers also night tickets. After so much adrenaline, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes where customers can enjoy the specific menus from each area.
Before ending our visit to the Park, there are available several souvenir shops where customers can buy souvenir gifts with the inscriptions and design of the Park on it, depending on in which area you are.

Where to find tickets
Terra Mitica tickets are available at the Park´s own website or also in many commercial establishments located throughout the Costa Blanca, or in travel agencys, local tourist companies, etc...
In some cases these companies are directly involved with the theme Park, having this way the possibility to offer entrance tickets at a reduced price when you hire their services as it is the case with VictoriaCars that whit its service of car rental in Madrid, car hire Alicante Airport, car rental Valencia, etc, you can purchase tickets for only 11.80 euros, or some campings in Benidorm like Armanello that offer cheaper tickets for their customers.

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