Friday, February 25, 2011

Alicante Carnival, the most open and democratic carnival starts on the 3rd March.

Alicante’s carnivals are one of the most emblematic festivals of this city. From the 3rd to the 9th March, the city will be filled with colour and festive atmosphere in every corner.
The city of Alicante can already taste the approaching carnival air. As every year, Alicante is preparing for one of its most traditional and re-enacted festivals for decades.

The Alicante Carnival is one of the most attractive within the Spanish scene. This carnival has been mainly characterized by being one of the biggest, most open and participatory. Anyone can participate; you do not need to be part of any group or pay any fees. It is not a marketed carnival as it is not supported by any sponsorship or commercial firms.

In short, the carnival is original, created by the citizens and for the citizens.

Original elements of the Alicante Carnival

Urban Archaeology: fleeting costumes are worn from different areas of the city, initially as a form of protest. In some places this is known as urban interventions
School Archaeologies: Schools are transformed into a carnival theme.
Carnival Banners: Transient canvas paintings are located in the streets.
Carnival cars: Satires represented on the Carnival’s Friday by carnival groups and clubs in different areas.
Fat Thursday (Dijous Gras): Preheating the start of the ritual under fire, fat and wine.
Ramblero Saturday: La Rambla de Alicante, the cities avenue par excellence becomes a great masquerade.
Tuesday (Mardi Gras): Carnival summary trial by the authorities and a procession with drums and fire through the narrow streets of Casco Antiguo (Jui d'en Carnestoltes i Processó bubbler).
Burial of the Sardine: Ash Wednesday. The different penitential fraternities and sororities of the carnival form the procession of the beautiful fish in the Casco Antiguo to its incineration.
Piñata Sunday: A celebration for the children in the morning.
Veterans Dance: designated for the elderly.

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